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버전: 1.0
업로드 날짜: 27 Nov 18
라이센스: 무료
인기: 13
크기: 76854 Kb
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Elune - control a team consisting of legendary heroes in the battles against powerful bosses and other opponents. Rescue the world from ancient evil! Become a chosen and rescue the world of this Android game from chaos. Enlarge your team of heroes to gather an invincible squad where different characters will make each other stronger. Apply combat abilities of different heroes, develop an efficient battle tactics, find weak places of your enemy and win. Develop and power up your characters. Challenge other players.

Game features:

  • Over 190 characters of 7 classes
  • Beautiful locations
  • Strong opponents
  • Fight against other players


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Alcatel One Touch Idol 4S LTE Dual SIM 6070K